Do you know how many profits could give your hairdresser salon an online scheduling software?


A fully professional software for managing a beauty salon, a hairdresser or a wellness center is able to upgrade the activity of every person running a business in the cosmetics industry.

Author: Tatiana Vdb

The program allows you to manage the salon in matter of marketing, management and promotion. Due to the program, employees are able to not solely effectively and clearly arrange the timetable, but also keep in touch with the client in various ways, letting him know about recent discounts or the latest offers of the activity.

Due to the online scheduling software (, you will be able to manage your firm anywhere, anytime by way of a web browser. All you are going to need is Internet connection. It is irrelevant wether you have a PC, tablet or smartphone. With the online scheduling software, you may utilize any device with a web browser and the Internet connection. You do not need to adjust device to the software. The program adapts to your hardware. Salon software permits you to note customer visits in a schedule, that will favorably take the place of your well-worn notebook. Salon software gives the possibility to edit, expand the database and provide rapid customer job (see (see details)). You arrange all customer information, and you can have access to it from everywhere. You can send SMS and mails about forthcoming events, promotions and new products in the salon. You may write down any suggestions, comments and considerations in the form of extended notes.

The software for the management of beauty salons permits you to rapidly and professionally carry out the customer service, select the right date of the appointment and personalize any client profile.